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Source: Business Blind Spots eBook – GrowthSource Coaching

Blind spots are everywhere and we all have some that can get in the way of our professional growth.

After 30 years in the consumer products industry and 9 years as a business and executive coach, I’ve chronicled 10 blind spots that will do some real damage to any organization.  Some of these you will recognize.  Others will be new and potentially just as damaging.  The good news is that all can be reversed!

Sign up for your free copy today and learn how to identify and correct the following 10 business building killers:

  • Thinking Vision is not Important
  • Believeing you need to be involved in everything
  • Assuming your business is still relevant
  • Believing your company culture is inspiring
  • Keeping important information in your head
  • Ignoring bad behavior
  • Deciding you don’t need to enforce accountability
  • Thinking innovation is not important
  • Assuming your people can’t accomplish more
  • Believing you can grow without a marketing and sales plan

This book is a great read for gaining awareness on some of your toughest organizational challenges.  Get your free downloadable copy today and start discovering your own blind spots!



Steve Smith owns GrowthSource Coaching, a business and executive coaching firm that works with business professionals to improve their leadership, management, operations and marketing performances.  Considered a Catalyst for Change by the California Business Journal, Steve has delivered strategy based business techniques to over 400 businesses across the US and around the world.

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