DR Congo: Doddo Munoko dies at 63 in Los Angeles



On October 8th, 2018, Doddo Munoko was pronounced dead by the doctor at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical center in Los Angeles.

After feeling sick on the Night of October 7th, 2018, Doddo Munoko was advised to call the Paramedic for medical assistance. Upon their arrival, the Paramedics were asking Doddo questions to diagnose the issue. Unfortunately, he collapsed during their intervention and was transported to the medical where he was pronounced dead.

Dodo Munoko   was a professional singer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly  with Zaiko Langa Langa and Afrisa International where he lasted most of his career. He lived  in Los Angeles ,California  for more than 25 years where he suddenly lost his life after a heart attack.
Dodo Munoko became  an American citizen and had two children Lisa  and Junior.
A beautiful human being, he  meant a lot  to the  African community and especially to his beloved Congolese family of Los Angeles , a good friend,  big brother to all who was always there to  show his support whenever he was needed.

Born on 07/28/1955, Munoko Gisalu Dodo, recognized as one of Africa’s most gifted vocalists, performs Congolese… had started his professional career with Grand Zaiko Wawa of Manuaku Waku. Dodo Munoko expressed his beautiful voice by singing the song Sonya… After that he moved to Zaiko Langa Langa where the entire country discovered his talent as a singer than he moved up to Afrisa International of Tabu Ley Rochereau, where he became internationally known. As a songwriter and singer,

The funds are needed to cover his funeral  on  November 10, 2018
and to ship his belonging to his family in the D R Congo.

Click here: https://www.gofundme.com/dodo-munoko-funeral

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